Welcome, welcome! It's wonderful to have you here!

I'm Mina and I'm the person you've been looking for to introduce original content to your brand. A writer by calling, a journalist by profession, and self-employed by choice, I've been roaming the media industry for a good six years now. 

What have I learned? - I hear you ask.

I've learned that the competition is fierce - whether you're a freelancer, a media outlet, a startup or an established corporation. I've also learned that everyone wants to stand out, yet in a space overflowing with content (and yes, I do mean the internet), that often proves to be a challenge.

I know it, you know it, and we both know the solution to it - creating something unique.

My time spent working for both print and online publications and magazines across Europe has taught me that being original is better than screaming the loudest. In other words, your own thoroughly researched article will eventually add more value to the public discourse than the three-line-long news alert that beat everyone to it. As a former managing editor of a startup magazine in Vienna, I've been faced with the dilemma one time too many: be the first to publish or be the one, who brings the bigger story to the fore.

I choose the bigger story. 



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